Concept Renault Dezire: The Diamond is sexy

Renault DeZir
Laurens van den Acker has taken the reins of Renault design and concept Dezire will be the first statement of intent, the first step with the diamond mark. There will be others (not) but we have discovered that his vision of the future of Renault will be warm and shapely, sexy elementarily.


Renault Dezire will be at Fall World 2010 but we can already give details of the diamond style revolution led by a new design boss Laurens van den Acker. The path chosen should express the passion for cars so much more naive and primary before. Thus, Dezire is sensual, at first sight, even before their brains will take time to share. Renault criticized for its elitist and complex design blends today in the movement "right now sexy, hot right now, immediately brilliant. Logic.

The design language is expressed in three words: simple, sensual warm, there is.
This concept overseen by van den Acker is also accompanied by a revolution in the organization and functioning of the office style as now, designers in charge of concept cars will also be responsible for drawing production vehicles they prefigure. Does this mean that Dezire has a future?

Another revolution, now designers are listed in the press releases Renault. Thus we learn that Dezire is the work of Yann Jarsalle for outside and inside Stephane Maiori. We finally learn that the face of the new identity heralds Dezire face of Renault.
Under her dress sensual Dezire an electric motor hidden in a central position behind (it's also a drive), 150 hp, 226 Nm of torque and a range of 160 km. The v-max is given to 180 km / h, 0 to 100 km / h in 5s and his weight is 850 kg thanks to a Kevlar hull. An energy recovery system similar to the F1 KERS is also installed to recharge the batteries when slowing down. This concept is carried on a chassis Megane Trophy. Dezire measuring 4.22 m long, 1.97 m wide, 1.16 m high and rides on 21 inch rims.
Renault is hot, it's season.
The official
First realization led by Laurens van den Acker, Dezire embodies the new direction of the brand and design strategy based on starts the cycle of life. The first step, "fall in love," finds its perfect illustration in the style that is both powerful and sensual and the passion of red Dezire. "Dezire announce our new formal language that expresses the movement, sensuality, emotion ... with ideal proportions, like something designed by nature. A warm design and tonic, very Renault." Said Axel Breune, Design Director concept and show cars.
The fluidity is expressed in the early sketches, through simple shapes and generous proportions. "The liquid element, wave motion, the contrasts of light created by the undulating surface, constituted my first inspiration "said Yann Jarsalle, external designer. "I am inspired by the sculpture rather than architecture, drawing directly from Volumes
surfaces and not connected by lines.
Dezire has taken the form of a two-seater coupe, both carved and easy to read.
Its forms are exacerbating the wheel hosting 21-inch rims drawing
Inspired by the movement.
The sides alternate forms filled and hollow, playing the contrasts of light.
Behind the "beautiful object", an electric car
If the Z of its name refers directly to the signature ZE style elements express the technical and lightness, natural attributes of the electric car. Thus, the hollow design and processing streaked the air intake front bumper and rear all bring lightness to the whole and to guide the flow of air from the front to back to cool the battery. To give the rhythm to the whole, this skin is smooth and fluid surfaces contrasting with sharp projections formed, as the aluminum side panels, the upper pavilion and the "eye" optics before. The design of these parts is reminiscent of the image created by wind ripples on a pond, with a touch of sophistication provided by the geometric processing of the material. The bright red reacts with cutting graph perforated aluminum side panels that support the idea of lightness and also suggest the technicality. The geometric cut glass parts facilitates the reading of the entire concept car and evokes the cockpit of a fighter plane or the cockpit of some cars sporting endurance. This car is equipped with two rearview camera that offers a panoramic view despite the absence of rear window.
The track for the creative design of the front enhances the heritage identity of Renault. Its design guidance announces the design of future models of the brand.
The front of Dezire is traversed across its width by an air intake designed around a diamond and verticalized expanded to emphasize proudly belong to the brand. The Treaty of dark gate of air shows by contrast the diamond plated, giving it even more clarity. Legacy of the formal language of Renault, the side scoops have been built in the shape of the air intake. The projectors are also integrated into the design of the inlet above probes.
The design of this front heralds the new identity fronts Renault which will appear on all models of the brand.
The headlights are designed as prisms backlit, giving them a very graphic look. The perforations in the "eye" provide a technical report and a light signature specific Dezire.
The taillights are transformed into a bright banner hung across the width of the car. Staged by the backlight of the rear grille, emblem Renault seems to float in the middle of this surface. The scissor doors, an allusion to the passion for cars, open on a refined interior. Their complementarity inverse kinematics symbolizes love, yin and yang. The interior design expresses lightness. "Love is a feeling that you door, which makes you grow wings," explains Stéphane Maior, interior designer. "Aboard Dezire, it is like a cloud," said Stephanie Small, designer colors and materials. The shapes are soft and light. The dominant color is white, punctuated by the same red passion than the outside. The materials are precious, like the feelings they evoke: the white leather for the seats, dash and floor, the red lacquer console and accessories. The seats form a cocoon in tandem. And to finish the term of the shared passion and lightness, the bench is made of interlocking elements in white leather, padded passenger side, smooth driver, as to translate the motion of attraction towards each other.
Following an artwork based on the logo, embroidered pattern on leather is an example of "making the French" and shows the trend coming on future models. Inspired by the idea of amorous encounters, the interior design is the meeting of the "opposition":
- The driver's cockpit so contrasts with the lightness of the dashboard and spirit
"Boudoir" of the white leather sofa.
- The driver door panel is in bright red lacquer, while the passenger-side is
white leather.
- The dashboard contrasts two types of finish: some sheathed in white leather, the other
more technical, covered with bumps, on the same principle as the outside.
- The white seat is suspended above a glowing bright background which symbolizes
passion. This lighting is punctuated by regular pulsations that suggest heart beats.
But the couple is also the protection of another. The shape of the component carrier
suggest this idea of protection:
- The center console appears to control box to the driver, the better to make
- The hull of the control gear wraps petals light that indicate
- A red hull surrounds the steering column to the hub.
Dezire is powered by an electric motor located in a central position for a rear weight balance perfect. The Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 24 kW / h is located in a vertical position behind the bench. It displays a range of 160 km. The battery cooling is by air flow directed from front to rear, but mostly by the side air intake located behind the panels of aluminum on the sides of the car. The base engine is the same as for electric vehicles as standard, with a trend to deliver a power of 110 kW (150 hp) and torque of 226 Nm Three charging modes are available:
standard mode, using a standard household outlet (full charge in 8 hours) fast mode via an outlet three-phase 400 V (80% recharge the battery in 20 minutes) the battery exchange through Technology Quick Drop Renault. To improve the autonomy and dynamic performance, technical teams of Renault Design worked on lightening the vehicle. Thus, the hull is Kevlar Dezire and tubular steel frame is the same type as that of Mégane Trophy. Dezire also suspension components Mégane Trophy - double wishbones - for driving precision high level.
The aerodynamics have also been treated with a base and streamlined the adoption of a diffuser at the rear. The index of penetration in the air (Cx) thus obtained is 0.25. This displays very interesting performance: 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds and 0 to 50 km / h in just 2 seconds.
The recovery of braking energy is also part of the program, with a device inspired by the logic of the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) used in Formula 1. During the deceleration, the kinetic energy is recovered and stored in the battery. On Dezire, the stock of energy can be used at the time chosen by the driver via a steering wheel to provide additional one-time power.
Driving pleasure is enhanced by treatment of the interface driver. The dashboard visually emphasizes the feeling of flying through a graphical display of information collected from the accelerometer and velocity sensors. The central screen is touch sensitive and includes a smart navigation that merges the data path with the agenda of the driver, to propose an optimization tasks and courses. An integrated software in the instrument panel informs the driver on dynamic performance of power management through an interface and a playful graphic rendering so videogame.
Dezire music
As part of research on the signature sound of future electric vehicles, Renault is partnering with the renowned IRCAM - Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustics / Music, founded by Pierre Boulez in 1969 - to define the sound that captures the best personality Dezire.
Dimensions (mm)
Length 4225
Width 1968
Height 1163
Heights Open House 2256
Width Open 2682
Ground clearance of 110
Wheelbase 2582
Way before 1600
Rear track 1705
Electric motor synchronous motor winding
Power kW / hp 110 kW / 150hp
Maximum torque (Nm) 226 Nm
Speed (km / h) 180 km / h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in s 5 s
Acceleration 0-50 km / h in s 2 s
Lithium Ion (24 kW / h)
Run 160 km
Direct and reverse gear with front / rear
Electric propulsion with differential piloted
Tubular steel frame
Tyres 245/35 R 21
Ø Hard vented brakes (mm) 356 mm (front and rear)
6-piston calipers (front and rear)
Cx 0.25
Curb weight (kg) 830 kg

Concept Renault Dezire:

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