Rocket II: a trike of 1000ch

Rocket II
This is not everyday you see a trike in Auto News. But at the same time, it is not every day you see a trike like this. Yet it takes to forget the flaws inherent in this type of vehicle combining the defects of the cars and motorcycles. But nothing a good old V8 wearing a compressor can not be forgotten.
The single, called Rocket II, belongs to Tim Cotterill, an English exile in the United States where he made his fortune. Enough anyway to see the Blastolene Brothers, craftsmen specialize in custom car (and preferably huge) for his plan to submit their details lovingly recorded in a notebook. And here is the result he has to Jay Leno: fully custom made, from the rim of the wheel coupled with the front brakes until the board through the rear axle counters integrated compressor. Is a real gem. Visual but also auditory, thanks to the V8 Hemi enthroned middle backfiring at idle before screaming her anger in the towers ...

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