Photos of the Day: Fournier Marcadier

The fashion of sporting self-assembly had its heyday in France! In the 60s, Andre Marcadier made a very interesting meeting on the circuit Monthlery: Colin Chapman!
Soon, the concept of the kit interested, and he decided to produce a small two-seater with tubular chassis and carrisserie polyester. The suspensions, the box and the engine just the R8 Gordini. With only 460 kg on the scale, it should send this little tray!
Sports car the Lotus Seven qualify the French in 1965! Sold 7500 francs at the time, it will be sold only about 60 copies ... Too bad, it's one of the few sports kit to be registered in France. But it proves that it is possible!
For when a new sports kit to 15,000 euros, with engine and gearbox Clio RS?

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