New Mercedes R-Class: a welcome facelift

The Mercedes R-Class, launched in 2005, adopts a restyled for a better integration in the range Mercedes. The crossover to cut American wins the passage of new engines.

The new Mercedes R-Class goes through a deep facelift, providing a new look. The crossover will attempt to increase its European sales through the new diesels.

The most American of German
Cut to the (un) able Yankee market, the monumental Mercedes R-Class, whose concept seems to hesitate between minivan, station wagon and SUV, has passed the dropper over the Old Continent. Frankly, its price and its pretty impressive template does not really destined to the Hexagon, while his unusual physiognomy completed deter potential prospects.

Now mature, the imposing Swabian thoroughly reviewing its makeup display a more conventional appearance. The strange elliptical headlamps give way to optical rhomboidal sharpest, while the shield is gaining momentum and the grille, more massive, is affirmed.

More conventionalism
Less original but more manly in his treatment, the Mercedes R-Class is like SUVs and more willing to hit the star. More slightly revised, Stern has for its touch-up on the shield and the integration of the exhaust nozzles.

Safer equipment
On board, the changes are more subtle. Now available in a performance biton, the cabin boasts a dowry revised upwards, which incorporates numerous safety features, like the camera angle anti-death play signaling or anti-drowsy alert.

A more frugal diesel ...
However, the most substantial change lurks in the bowels of the beast, in the form of a brand new 350 CDI with 265 horsepower. Deriving from the current 224-horsepower 3.0-liter V6, heavily revised, this block manages to reduce its consumption by almost a liter to be limited to 8.5 L/100km.

... Even more frugal
Even more sober version deflated merely 190 horsepower 7.6 L/100km. The opportunity for Mercedes perspective the environmental footprint of its responsibility for families, and to forget the strong appetite of variants more motorized, as the R500 (13.2 L/100).

Physically closest to his brothers and less greedy, the Mercedes R-Class is expected to attract more European with diesel.

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