DS3 Test Citroen Sport Chic 150 1.6 THP

Citroen DS3 THP 150
First model of the DS Series, the Citroen DS3 promises to be the most fierce rival of the famous Mini. Pending strong R version with 200 hp, the 1.6 THP 150 Sport Chic has a say in the category of small sport.


The Citroën DS3 is fairly closely derived from the new C3. Its front NWOBHM by ramps LED included in the "scoops" of the front bumper.
The dimensions of 3.95m long, 1.71m wide and 1.46 m high have helped keep the compactness of the DS3. Real efforts have been made to reduce the mass of the car.

Aerodynamics is also good with a Cx of 0.31.

Security is provided by the ABS, ESP, emergency brake assist, the electronic brake distribution and six airbags.

Design: Citroen DS3 THP 150

The design concept and DS are mature. The proof in each of our stops, onlookers came to see us to ask: "is the new DS? ". The DS3 sensation is undeniable.

Very stylish, the DS3 offers stickers cover the roof. So Chic!

The door jamb shark fin is a colorful style. Like the Mini, the roof may be of a different color as the bodywork.

Carmen red roof looks very good indeed, with its sticker wave. The rims 17 "black diamond Bellona are different rims on the proposed Sport Chic finish at no extra cost.

The style of the DS3 is a unique element of seduction.
Citroen DS3 THP 150

Citroen DS3 THP 150

On board:

The dashboard of the DS3 is very similar to that of C3. But the color of his headband painted here can be customized. The color Red Carmen here is the same as the roof of the pommel of the shifter and the ignition key. She marries happily to the color of the leather upholstery option.

This dashboard is elevated to promote legroom. The glove box offers storage of 13L is better than in a Mini!

What the DS3 had to give up the C3, the panoramic windscreen Zenith incompatible with the flag floating customizable. The amounts of windshields are dressed in black plastic, while the pavilion is covered with black felt. A color that recalls the sporting S Audi.

Even surtapis stand, repeating the pattern of the sticker affixed to the roof. The DS3 line has refined its details. Personalization is a real novelty at Citroen, and customers appreciate this possibility on the DS3.

But it is also found in one of the DS3 defects: the noise could be heard throughout our testing in the dashboard. Once the road is not smooth as a billiard table, small vibrations can be heard at the strip lacquered. An element to urgently review!

The leather steering wheel with chrome inserts provides excellent grip. The diameter is reduced, and the rim is wider and thicker at the rest inches.

On the front seat passengers have underwire sport that keeps perfectly back. The low driving position is worthy of a small sport.

By cons, front head restraints would benefit from having an adjustable angle.

The single-zone automatic climate is, but it is rather effective.

At the GPS, one offer is available: MyWay, also mounted on the C4 and C5. Featuring a 16 / 9 good size, it also offers the Bluetooth hands-free phone function. However, not 3D, or DVD player or hard drive. The USB port is not present.
Citroen DS3 THP 150

Without being cramped, the rear seats are not very spacious. Although approved in 5-seater passenger installed instead of the center will be tight, both between two adults between two seats baby!

The box is correct with a capacity of 285 liters, but the loading sill is quite high. Modularity is identical to that of a C3, with files from 2/3-1/3 folding bench.

A license:

The DS3 is athletic, and so much more! From the start, the 1.6 THP and its dual tailpipes make it sound pretty rough, which recalls the 207 RC.

The 1.6 THP 150 still seems more at ease than under the hood of a Peugeot 207, with a reduced weight. And the layering of the gearbox 6 speed is a real plus.

This is the evolution of the THP, increased to 156 hp and compatible with the anti-pollution standards Euro 5.

The torque of 240 Nm offers very good times, including the 6th report! At low revs, the exhaust let escape from low frequencies to be too present for some. But it offers some sports atmosphere! The undercarriage of the DS3, pseudo McPherson front and torsion beam rear are carefully set.

The electric power steering is well set, with precision and consistency ideal.

In terms of tires, once will not hurt, This car is not delivered in Michelin tires. She climbs a bénéricie Bridgestone Potenza 205/45 R17 which provides a good grip. Low rise and rigid, they will pass fairly bleeding and bumps of the road, aided by a steep suspension.

This benefits the road handling and steering precision. The comfort of depreciation have not been given priority in this version of the DS3's sport. Farm, it is still bearable.


Finish Sport Chic series includes automatic climate control, LED daytime running lights, rear spoiler, alloy wheels 17 ", the sport seats. Priced € 20,000, it offers great value for your money.

A Mini Cooper S is charged € 23,950, but enjoys a strong evolution of the 1.6 THP 184 hp.

The combined fuel consumption of our test has been 7.4 L, which is more than reasonable for a small sporty essence.

No penalty for ecological DS3 despite its power of 156 hp is good news.


The presentation and driveability of this chic THP 150 Sport version of the DS3 are two valid reasons to sign a check at a Citroen dealership.

The DS3 is a success, it is a masterstroke from Citroen. Roll on the other models in the DS!

Citroen DS3 THP 150

What we liked:


Indoor Presentation


Price / Equipment


What we liked least:

Disturbance noise of the dashboard

Stiff suspension

Customizing expensive

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