(Midnight baffles) A fireworks cosigned Citroen, Peugeot and Renault

When the fireworks invade the skies of the hexagon, gaze on that which the French manufacturers are preparing. For the intentions are there, just have to turn them into so many dreams become realities.


As of July 14, 2010 evening, welcome to Midnight baffles.

Metropolis Citroen, Citroen manic, GTbyCITROËN, GQ by Citroen, future (or not) ... Citroen DS2 engaged in a veritable fireworks display for several months now. Miss more than a Citroen Metropolis cut for the festival is complete! Well, imagine that this concept exists. In virtual means. Go have a look at the manufacturer's Facebook and you'll discover the result of a magician of the pallet chart offers us a perfect cut Metropolis for new markets!

Renault is not far behind. In addition to a range of bombinette always Sharper, now Renault, through his desire, clearly demonstrating its intention to invest in new fees the segment of sports cars. Our desire is at once immense, intense, incommensurate with the name of such-and-so.

And Peugeot, then? Peugeot could almost, to date, for the timid student, if not the star pupil of the class. Take the concept SR1. On his own, full of references to the most prestigious manufacturers, it will still do some dreaming. And here is essential. Because it requires nothing more Citroen, Peugeot and Renault cover the world of auto vehicles dreams, each in his way.
Is on track.

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