The fastest and strongest of all! 2500hp and 491 km/h for Mosler!

The fastest and strongest of all! 2500 hp and 491 km/h for Mosler

Forget all your bookmarks, all your references. And believe everything you said! Here is the most powerful and fastest cars ever built, never imagined, never produced ... 

The Mosler MT900 GTR XX is basically a radical supercar already ... and confidential. Mosler is an artisan well known American manufacturer in the world of GT racing. The Californian company John Gocha, Intense Automotive Design, was chosen based on a pure mechanical delirium.

Yes, from a "simple" Mosler MT900 GTR XX, Intense Automotive Design presents the "The Land Shark" whose power now reaches 2500 hp! In particular, it seems, with two turbochargers.

But that's not all. Continue to believe everything they tell you (and me with you). Already slight in its basic version, this Mosler has yet won a whopping 250 kg on a balance. Dry weight and spring to 861 kg.
Obviously, the blistering performance claims. 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds would be shot. It would reach 240 km / h in 6.7 seconds and ... 400 km / h in 17.5 seconds! The brake is in keeping with a 0-240-0 in 8.7 seconds ... I do not know if I kept the more incredible by the end but we must raise the top speed advertised. Who would reach 491 km / h. Damage to the bar of 500 km / h, for a missed nothing.
That's all. We can resume our normal lives, go go about our lives. 

Source: WCF

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