The Citroën wants to electrify Boosts Mans Classic

Myspcars introduced you to the concept car electric sports Citroen Boosts at the Geneva Motor Show 2010.
Know that it is on the front of the stage this weekend, on a circuit course!
Sports car and environmental technology join forces again to highlight electrical performance: the prototype will take part in Le Mans Classic tomorrow at 13:30. It is the driver who leads Vanina Icks: it promises!
Its main technical characteristics are as follows. It weighs 1150 kg. It carries two electric motors delivering 300 hp and a total of two lithium-ion respectively 31 kW.
It boasts a range of 200 km. He is charged in 10 hours from a 220V or 2 h from a specific outlet.
He swallows the 0-100 kph in five seconds. Its maximum speed is 260 km / h.
Here is a new racing car green and quiet that will make noise!

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