Citroen C5, Ford Mondeo, VW Passat and Opel Insignia

Órdago to large as all the cards face up. Thoroughly redesigned, including sedans bet is stronger than ever. Exclusive Audi and BMW on the sidelines, came timba winners: face to face, the four best selling. Image, Space, the different behaviors of personalities ... not to close the game "all or nothing", although, as in the game, which is the best?

The hand is a few months ago, spectacular. Consolidated and the latest developments and advances, the position of the Crown in the lounge of the Queen became very hard. One, sales were pounds per month. The people have spoken, the net result: here, Audi A4 and VW Passat battle to keep active, away by dozens of units. Curious, in any event, Audi and BMW included in the box when the leaders ... More information or habitability, or trunk, Excel. Symptoms and which now becomes more relevant, packing and insurance. Nearly a factor representation, all the brands and their general objective proposed.

Premium emerge along the border, by order, after VW, excellent candidates. As the lush Opel Insignia, which the scale of grading, or the Ford Mondeo, first to advance to a higher quality and performance. Awesome. Close the sale popular quartet of the Citroen C5, uppercase Wheeler and disassemble slogan target. Remember that the German character "?

Appearance ... but in reality, they are now at the Saloon club has accepted most, where time will tell whether this strain of the new Seat Exeo, derived directly from a previous generation Audi A4, and not just access to the Renault Laguna now oriented towards technology and its four wheels. Brand also ... Forgetting what is really the most satisfying? Second game we fight so do not miss the road into the election. And with most defendants, the average power turbocharged diesel. And also open their paris.

Practically, neither better nor worse. Yes colors, tastes and personalities to enjoy this magical quartet. Modern and sophisticated, all of our sedans go through the notes of the examination the most demanding, but with better enforcement of the area function. To establish differences, nothing like the extremes first partition. Do not object, but in a different way.

Citroen C5
On the one hand Citroen C5. Wheeler roads without pity, is the paradigm of isolation and idle. any noise on board, excellent absorption full ... premium Sedan, Sweetness. Yes, its development Hydractive suspension (also available with conventional spring) generates both fan and critical, with the advantage of not changing their behavior at full load for agency self-leveling. The C5 always bet the leak, and even in sport mode tends to comfort, work a little faster and only slightly limited in extension buffer. That, come close to "float" to the conclusion that between the curves and despite his good grip, the driver feels less feedback and conduct more "showy", without forgetting that it is heavier and heavier burden to bear forward.

The Ford Mondeo, however, is the opposite. He also adapted suspension option, but always keeping a good dynamic tone Thanks a strong depreciation, even with the mild spring. You could say it is the sportiest of the, with an influence as the 235/40 R18 tires, a unique such measure. With the lengthening of the wheelbase and track width, the Ford Mondeo straight as a roller moves with extraordinary aplomb. Do not move, and also has its volume with a clear support for a very direct and loyalty back. Very good frame and touch. In the comfort has also approved, but it does the Citroen C5, as well as absorption, especially for having the worst sound. However, we believe that this is closer to him, that the dynamics C5 your Ford.

Viva Security
response flawless each show, with a good stability control is always help and correct braking distances ... but here the palm is the Opel Insignia and Citroen C5. In addition, C5 and Mondeo are stepping forward to be the only constituency knee airbag.

Opel Insignia
Between the two, without a personality as defined, are VW Passat and Opel Insignia. More balanced? Maybe. Both also have in their range and adjustable damping, but this time we have tested the standard. One, Insignia, is surprising. With great ride and very low noise, the greater is long, and next to the Mondeo is the heaviest. However, the Opel Insignia is observed throughout the plot quickly, even changing support. No blunders and, again, with the best brakes in the segment. Yes, the address is not convincing in the finishing touch, and visibility is poor. And a failure once again clear: the maximum membership only requirement in this circumstance, the worst of sins and the direction of the engine falls short. "Electronic or not a final point?

The VW Passat, however, impossible to seek the tickling. It may be better in every way, but in the entire bay high level. All of a functional appliance. Like the Insignia, and the balanced suspension, more flexible and able to keep the body without fault. The VW Passat is comfortable, excellent traction and well insulated, although more moderate platform (with a small battle and the width of roads in all) is a ride quality slightly less constant. Yes, the curves, is almost a compact: the most direct address, change with great touch and a stone back. Like all VW, easy and effective ... but less emotionally. Question of taste.

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