Nlle Zealand WRC: Loeb praised by his rivals

This has made Sebastien Loeb on the second day of Rally New Zealand is truly exceptional. Up 1'40 10 special to the regular World Rally Championship is one of the most incredible performances in the history of this discipline. For what he has accomplished, Sebastien Loeb has been praised by all actors of the WRC, his opponents first.
It should say things as they are. Without adding, without the devotees of a seven-time world champion who did not need it, Sebastien Loeb has clearly shown to be well above its rivals when Unpin special. Usually, this kind of situation occurs only on one or two special when it comes to making a difference and then comes the management of the advance. In these cases, its position on the road (still in the early starters) was never in favor and one does not measure exactly the extent of performance. Here, with the benefit of leap seventh on the road, he has broken the eyes of the world a bit numbed by his litany of victories, its real value. Sebastien Loeb is exceptionally gifted, the conditions existed to demonstrate that it is the most brilliant and he has made. Simply.
In response, the resignation has quickly given way to admiration in the words of his opponents. All praised the performance, judged as the finest of his career by many observers and even by its author. Excerpts:
Malcolm Wilson, team boss of Ford
"I do not have to comment on such a day but in a sense, I am happy to be here and to witness this incredible performance. I've never seen anything like it in my whole career. "
Mikko Hirvonen:
"It is pretty impressive, really incredible. "
Sebastien Ogier:
"With Seb you never know ... it is capable of making incredible time. We do not think he would be able to be as fast. Not like that, not ... "
JM Latvala:
"Its speed comes from another planet. "
Dani Sordo after the 4th day's special (Te Akau Coast 1) where Loeb glue 1s near kilometer everyone (Ogier Hirvonen and take "only" 7 / 10 at Kil. ")
"With weather like this, he will win the rally, no? "
Answer this night after four special stages, including the famous Whaanga Coast to play two times, but Ogier discovering the special tomorrow (its performance is also incredible, it must be noted), it has almost no chance.

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