The next Renault Clio will be an icon. Rendezvous at the Paris!

When I discovered the Renault Zoe Z.E. Concept, I told myself if it comes out as the Renault, it will mark his time. Becoming an icon.
Yet there may be a tough competition in the small range of Renault if one believes Steve Norman, director of worldwide marketing firm in diamond. Such a declaration to the British magazine Autocar, the next generation Clio could just an icon ... He said: "Can you describe how it looks is amazing. Its design is very successful. You must see it to understand it. We will have to wait and believe Steve Norman, whose information dropped from Autocar recent months were always retrospectively wisely distilled.
According to other information gathered at Renault, the Clio next, the IV would share some of these lines with the concept Zoe. Oh well ... Although the design of the Clio IV had been frozen in early 2009, Laurens van den Acker, the new head of design for the French brand, managed to impose some minor when he arrived in May 2009.

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