Geneva 2010: Hyundai iFLOW

Geneva 2010: Hyundai iFLOW

The teasing continues. After a sketch back, this is a 3D rendering 3 / 4 front iFLOW Hyundai concept to be presented in Geneva starting next week. The missile also addresses code-named HED-7 shows the new aesthetic language Hyundai called 'fluidic sculpture'.

This iFLOW the Cx of 0.25 foreshadows a sedan segment D (Laguna, 407, C5) with its hybrid combining a 1.7L turbo engine and an electric transmission and a dual clutch 6 speed. Consumption is announced 3l/100 km and CO2 emissions are only 85gr/km.

The interior is announced too innovative to be as light as possible and provide maximum space for passengers. A central touch screen and camera to facial recognition heralds a new era in the interface between man and his car. Even the exterior color Liquid Metal is composed of pigments 'eco-friendly'.

To find out more details soon.

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