Geneva 2010: Hyundai i-Flow, Sonata future?

In parallel iX35 SUV, you will discover the Caradisiac trial next week in Geneva this Hyundai concept i-Flow. This hybrid sedan, successor to the Sonata, also serves to showcase diesel next Hyundai.

Near Genesis in the lines, I-Flow gives us some aesthetic details of the future Korean sedan, successor to the Sonata in Europe. Fluid, all curves in the I-Flow is also a good opportunity for Hyundai to introduce its new diesel 1.7 to two-stage supercharging. In this concept it is associated with an electric motor and a dual-clutch automatic transmission. The marriage announcement of the release of 85 g of C02 and consumption 3l/100 km. These performances are made possible thanks to ultra-lightweight materials developed by BASF. Bodes well for the future of the mark on the old continent.

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