Geneva 2010: Honda 3R-C Concept, tricycle Technology

Geneva 2010: Honda 3R-C Concept, tricycle Technology

Honda motorcycle manufacturer, car manufacturer Honda, it seems logical that in a burst of fusion, we sense a Honda 3-wheel concept. Unless all this is the result of indecision on ways to take in the future ...

In all cases, in Geneva, alongside the CR-Z Series, Honda will present this amazing craft worthy of a sci-fi (imagine a modern R2-D2). 3R-C is the last vision dated seater urban vehicle zero emission that occupies the mind of many Japanese engineers. 3R-C is intended primarily for those who live and work in town and brings them comfort and security in much larger scooter and, unfortunately, a space also more consistent.

3R-C has a trunk in the front while the bubble that covers the passenger to stop retracts in part to serve as a windshield while driving. A cover as canoeing and kayaking can be appropriate to protect the driver in the rain. The 3R-C is the work of European designers who work at the Center for Research and Design Honda Milan.

Honda also takes in his baggage the friendly concept EV-N seen in Tokyo as well as the FCX Clarity

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