Geneva 2010: concepts Proton by Giugiaro

Concepts Proton by Giugiaro

Collaboration Proton-Giugiaro Lotus is taking shape with these 3D renderings of concept cars that will be exposed to Geneva next week. So now we discover that there will finally 2 cars, a classic city 5 doors and a 3-door version called Country CrossGolf way.
The design of the car would offer a passenger inside a car in SUV-sized segment A, namely that of the Twingo (3.55m). The car is a hybrid that uses technology developed by Lotus (Lotus Giugiaro .... it smells madeleine) hides his batteries in the floor of the double bottom, which can also raise the seat cushions, this research now that many customers tired of falling into a car and having to retrieve them by forcing on the thighs! This syndrome SUV. The electric motor is at the back and causes the rear wheels, the engine (1.2l 3 cylinder) works both on gasoline, ethanol or methanol and serves only to recharge the batteries.
 The outline of these concepts suggests that Giugiaro offers us neither more nor less than a concept Opel Agila / Suzuki Splash hybrid but if one focuses on the technical specifications of the latter, there simply longer than the nearly 20 cm!
The site dedicated concepts Proton is to see here

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