Geneva 2010: Small Proton hybrid Giugiaro

Geneva 2010: Small Proton hybrid Giugiaro

It was expected that presents a Giugiaro concept sedan Alfa Romeo for the Geneva show but finally a game that comes out of Proton's hat Giorgetto. Malaise (the car).

Ital Design Giugiaro who just signed a huge contract with HKS USA, unveiled in Geneva another large project for the Malaysian manufacturer Proton. The car will be presented a city car hybrid 5-door (segment A) of 3.55m in length whose design has taken into account from the start its engine to provide maximum interior space and an access and an ergonomic easy .

For Giorgetto Giugiaro is clearly still in business, "is the culmination of several years of study that allow us to provide a habitable sedan segment D (Laguna type) while keeping the external dimensions of segment A (type Twingo). It is a new type of car, a new concept car where the look is as important as function, ergonomics and comfort. The seat height is studied so that we can 'fall' not self as in a coupe, so that we do not like climbing into an SUV but which one will take place naturally without effort. The comfort of rear seat access is unparalleled as the place to knees is the same as that of an SUV. "

The platform has been designed by Italdesign Giugiaro, it has a raised floor double that can accommodate the batteries in the rear. The 4 seats are equipped with 4 seats identical with the same comfort for all occupants. More details in early March.

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