Rhys Millen piloting Hyundai WRC car in U.S. Rallycross

Hyundai WRC car

Hyundai and Rhys Millen are prepared to take on the U.S. Rallycross field thanks to a 500 horsepowerKorean monster machine. Millen, a Pikes Peak class record holder, will run the car in rounds two and three of the Rallycross championship. The races will take place at New Jersey Motorsports Park on October 2-3 and November 6-7.

Rhys Millen was part of the original crew that brought rally cars to the X-Games six years ago. "I'm excited to be stepping back into the world of rally," said Millen "... with rallycross here in the U.S., what better way to prove the performance and power of the Hyundai brand."

Hyundai's goal is to run the 2010 events to gain insight for next year when they'll run a full series with an all-new car. The car is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox. Xtrac four-wheel drive, large Brembo brakes and a Proflex jumbo coilover suspension setup help keep the 2,805 pound car pointed where Rhys tells it to go.

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