Global: concept cars cascade "Renault DeZir"

Renault DeZir
The Renault Dezire is one of several prototypes presented at the World Cup.
For all manufacturers the World is a significant event. We must be ready to present the end of September (if the show runs from October 2 to 17, it opened its doors to the media soon Thursday, September 30) their full range and news. They also need to brighten up their booth beautiful concept cars. These can be as simple study of style or show a preview of future models. For the 2010 edition, the World should disgorge prototypes. BMW to propose one that could be the next 6 Series, Kia introduced its very cheeky little Pop, Mini propose a prototype, it is rumored that it would be that the mini-mini. Opel will use the Paris show for Paris unveiled the GTC, which is none other than the three-door version of the Astra, Citroen has its boxes in a beautiful concept car, Peugeot for its part two to submit one of which could be the French version of the 4X4 design with Mitsubishi on the basis of the ASX, the other a roadster electric record. Renault about to have him put his own, he is the Dezire, but it could have a different style on the study stand. Audi, Dacia, Porsche, Toyota ... for their part have not announced anything, but could there be other surprises ...

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