A new electric buses into service in Rotterdam

new electric buses into service in Rotterdam

In the Netherlands, public transport are more restrained in the spotlight.
The City of Rotterdam is currently testing in real conditions a new electric bus extension of autonomy (line 44 between Rotterdam and Rotterdam Central Station Zuidplein).
It is named e-busz: it was developed by the company e-Traction. It is the operator RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram) which is responsible for exploiting it.
e-busz based on the model VLD Citea. It features a new drivetrain consisting of a 100% electric diesel engine acting as a generator, wheel motors housed in the rear and two packs of lithium-ion removable Valencia provided by the company.
It can run four hours in 100% electric mode. It also has a system of energy recovery during braking.
If the results of this experiment is successful, the City of Rotterdam will adopt other copies of this electrical bus.


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