Live from the Geneva Motor Show: the "Mia by Heuliez" dance electric, no junk!

The French manufacturer and supplier Heuliez wanted a surprise at the Geneva Motor Show 2010.

It unveiled its new 100% electric city meets the sweet name "Mia" (3 places). 

During his appearance wholesale toy on wheels, it contains interesting technological innovations while keeping within the framework of a strategy for ecological and economic considerations.


Its main technical characteristics.

Its dimensions? A length of 2.8 m, a width of 1.6 m and a height of 1.5 m. It weighs 550 kg without the batteries (the weight of a battery pack of 6 is 70 kWh kg).

It receives Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), installed in the floor. They then benefit from a range of 100-230 km (depending on the batteries, 6-18 kWh). She is charged in two hours on a standard outlet. 

Its maximum speed is 110 km / h. She claims the 0-50 km / h in 7 seconds.

It displays a central position driving a large glass area and sliding doors. The two rear seats can be removed to get a load volume of 1200 cm3 (200 cm3 cons with 3 seats).

She is so convenient, comfortable and safe.

Good news if you're interested in Mia: it is already available for sale. The first copies will be delivered in October 2010.

Heuliez highlights that its price will be affordable for such a vehicle: it will be 12,930 euros (including batteries in France, environmental bonus deducted).

And the manufacturer said it will be cheaper in actual cost compared to a conventional small car (insurance, maintenance, power consumption of 0.01 euro / km).

One thing is certain: "Mia by Heuliez", with a look unusual, not go unnoticed on the road. Electric propulsion has its merry way to France!

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