In Switzerland, the Energy and etiquette maintained and enhanced

L-etiquette and Energy conservee Suisse

In Switzerland, the energy label is part of the program SwissEnergy: it indicates the energy efficiency of cars through categories from A to G.
It thus provides information on fuel consumption in litres/100km, CO2 emissions in g / km and the efficiency calculated on the basis of the weight of the vehicle.
Its objective is to improve transparency in the purchase of a car and make it easier for customers to choose their next vehicle.
A decision of the Federal Council requires importers of cars and garages to be used on or near exposed models.
In June 2010, the Federal Council wanted to keep the étiquetteEnergie for passenger cars, while improving: data on CO2 emissions and energy consumption will be presented more clearly, and electric cars vehicles that run on biofuels will also be evaluated.
The Environment label which, in addition to energy efficiency should also indicate the overall ecological impact of a vehicle, will not be introduced.
Dear Swiss consumers, new cars will have no secrets for you!


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