Citroen DS3 - tattoo on his cap for the summer?

Citroen DS3 - tattoo on his cap for the summer

Want to tattoo your long awaited Citroen DS3? Citroen takes care of everything and does what he can to reduce delivery times. Here is the special collection was do-it-tattoo cap-de-ta-DS3. Do not veins below the metaphor, we might slip to a time when children are not lying, even in school (ah, the holidays! Finally!).

Now that I have made my Birch (or my best to get out of the rut of press releases) here is that supplied by Citroen. What language ... 

"Citroën launches its new collection of summer to complete the wardrobe of the Citroën DS3. The urban chic and trendy indeed adopting three new adhesives roof design called Co, Map and Plane. 

Thus, seven universes are now available to enhance further the possibilities for customization. 

The DS3 Citroën inaugurates the new service package Citroën eTouch. 

New summer collection 2010 ...

Universe Design Co, treated in the manner of a contemporary Artwork, we refer as much to culture
New Yorker Keith Haring at the book illustrations of young urban artists.

With Map, the whole "French touch" plugged expressed through icons of the capital of fashion and nightlife.

Plane meanwhile, plunges us into the world of video games where the Citroën DS3 turns into a real spaceship adventure you are the hero.

Citroën eTouch, innovative services on board ...

The Creative Technology takes place aboard the DS3 services Citroën Citroën Emergency Call Located and Citroën Assistance Call Localized. They guarantee an incident or accident precise location of the vehicle and a rapid relief with a GPS module and a SIM card integrated. Two keys are available, an "SOS" for emergency calls (the call may also be triggered automatically by impact), a "Double Chevrons" to calls for assistance. Both services are free and available eTouch 24 h/24, 7 / 7. Two other new services will be available before the end of the year: Citroën Virtual Book Maintenance (monitoring the technical condition and maintenance of the vehicle) and Citroën Eco Driving (tracking CO2 emissions), available online from the personal space MyCITROËN. "

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