Citroen DS Inside: The configurator

Citroen DS Inside

It's been several weeks that we had talked about the future Citroën DS3. This week, Patrick has revealed without doubt one of the first pictures showing the final version of the forthcoming new generation of C3.

As you probably know already, no doubt, the future DS3, whose unveiling will take place in Geneva in March 2010, will only be available as both 3-door and positioned as a premium offering to compete including the Mini.

With a configurator available here, Citroën now offers to dress DS Inside, the concept foreshadows the final version of the DS3, according to your taste. And it is clear that ... everyone is in nature, you should be able to have great fun with this configurator. Question: all the possibilities offered on the configurator will they be available on the standard version? It is seriously doubtful ...

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