Alpine A370 based on Nissan 370Z? Maybe ...

We'll have to start seriously thinking about launching the tag in our Alpine ranking brands as Alpine (again, it feels so good) gives rise to wild speculation these days.

I know, no model with an engine "as it" (especially as the time is more advanced motors as it "), seems intended. No, the Alpine, which should appear as a concept car at the Paris Motor Show next should look like one (seductive hopefully with all my heart ... and no surprises as the cut between Laguna the transition from concept to production model please ...) little roadster (both in size and engine), which should not prevent him from offering benefits to the foreground (Renault Alpine Sports ... soon, they know how ).

Even if it is a fantasy, sometimes fantasies become reality, they are the most beautiful.

So yes, why, despite all the rebuttals, do not look at the horizon 2011/2012 an Alpine, a coupe, a more consistent size, a descendant of the A610? (We also would like to order a descendant of the A110 for that matter!). According to information (first hand it seems) of CarTribe, such a project exists and is based on the upcoming Nissan 370Z.

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