Lamborghini Cnossus: interesting, really

The mark of Sant'Agata Bolognese prepares to give birth to a new monster to end the reign of Murcielago after a successful career. The technical specifications of its successor promises to be absolutely terrifying, however we do not yet know precisely how it will look aesthetically. No doubt she is not as radical as this impressive study of style.
The tests are numerous in style proposal for a Lamborghini supercar, but rarely as thoroughly as this one. Filipchenko Victor is a student at the School of Design in Milan who has decided to consider the case of the Italian brand.
His work represents the ultimate supercar Lamborghini in his imagination and the chosen name refers to the town where bullfighting was born. The style of this achievement is fascinating, particularly at the front that - opinion - almost deserves attention from the design offices of the Italian manufacturer.

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