A Fournier-Marcadier the Heritage Festival Autodrome

Photos A Fournier-Marcadier the Heritage Festival Autodrome

Montlhéry found gradually colors. The meeting of old and multiply (for lack of races.) So, this weekend was held "Autodrome Heritage Festival. Among the cars present, there was a Fournier-Marcadier 1965.

Fans will probably a small tear rethinking Fournier-Marcadier. What we bring to the time of CARG, Pygmy Jidé, BBM, Koenig and other achievements lights. It was the '60s, when baby boomers ate Sport-Auto and everything seemed possible (or almost) for enthusiasts.
Andre Marcadier initially designed motorcycle frames, then the kart. He then discovers Lotus, at a time when Colin Chapman sells only the kits. Kits that can go up either ... or in the studio of Lotus!
Marcadier said: "Why not create a Lotus French?" It meets the coachbuilder Marcel Fournier, in 1963. The two team up and have a Lyonnais Formula France avant la lettre. Then comes the tray (which was entitled to an "A" in Sport-Auto) and the cut "Borzoi". Guests flock and cars (sold in kits for 7 500francs) scour the coast races and rallies. Note that the prefecture of the Rhone closed his eyes and left Fournier-Marcadier registering their cars as "Renault 8.
The 70s marked a turning point, with the departure of Fournier. Marcadier, now alone, is still prolific Formula Renault tray "Can-Am" and even for an F2 racing odds. There was also an attempt to cut futuristic, the Borzoi 2. Then in 1987, was converted into Marcadier replicas (Seven, GT40, Cobra ...) kits.

About 150-Fournier and Marcadier Marcadier were constructed. They ran long and they are performing, their owners did not hesitate to change body and engine. Retrieve the original state is a difficult task.

Features of this car:
- R8 Gordini engine 1296 cm3 (door-to-back false!)
- 100 hp at 7200 rpm
- 500 kg
- 220 km / h
Note also the hoop, very symbolic.
The colors were not chosen at random: it is the R5 orange and blue delphinium 1971 DS 1960.

A Montlhery Yann Littée Guy Lescoche and Dominique Pascal have déverminée. It should then run in old stamina.

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