Dacia Hamster Hybrid: dream or reality?

Dacia Hamster Hybrid

This is neither a dream nor reality really Dacia that, apparently, this Sandero Stepway hybrid does exist is in fact the result of work of students. The Hamster is not a home project. Well, not quite.
As we know, the Renault group which is part Dacia has chosen to "leapfrog" hybrid step to focus its efforts on the all-electric. It was therefore very surprising to discover this concept called the Sandero Stepway E4WD Hamster visibly equipped with an electric motor in addition to its classic four-cylinder heat.
The mystery was cleared up when the forums Romanian Dacia, already the source of these photographs have made the connection with a project of the University of Pitesti in collaboration with Renault Technologie Romania (RTR), the study center Group Renault / Dacia adjoining the Pitesti plant. Their project aims to build a car emitting only 99gr CO2/km and why they left a base of Dacia Sandero 1.5 dCi Stepway which they added an electrical system at the rear. With the electric motor causing the rear wheels, this Stepway renamed Hamster Electricway 4WD becomes a real 4x4. This experimental device also features a roof covered with photovoltaic cells and a Stop & Start system.
The communication of RTR confirmed to be involved in this project but said he has a chance one day to be marketed.
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