This Ferrari Formula Rossa

Ferrari in Barcelona on Thursday presented its new model: the Formula Rossa. This car in the colors of the Scuderia can run up to 240 km / h and take four passengers!
The Formula Rossa was presented Thursday in Barcelona but will roll at Abu Dhabi. With a capacity of four seats, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in two seconds, can reach 240 km / h and roll on a 2.07 km circuit. Enough suspense, Formula Rossa will welcome visitors from the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the first theme park of the Italian brand, on mountains russes.Quatre of these vehicles will be attached to accommodate 16 people on the roller coaster ride of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Passengers will be sent to 240 km / h, can be accelerated by 1.7 billion and will climb to 52 meters. The launching area will be equipped with a propulsion system develops 20,800 horsepower, allowing the Formula Rossa to reach 52 meters in 5 seconds. Passengers will be equipped with goggles so you do not suffer from the wind generated by the tremendous acceleration of the first meters. According to Ferrari, "the greatest challenge in the build the fastest rollercoaster in the world has been able to obtain the desired speed while ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. "


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