Porsche TranSport Pickup Truck Designed for Jewel Smuggling

Nouphone J. Bansasine, the designer who envisioned the Volvo SC90 4-door coupe, is clearly no purist when it comes to nameplates. How else could you explain his Porsche TranSport design?
The TranSport would fill a huge (and nonexistent) gap in the Porsche lineup for people who move "500 pounds of gold", diamonds, rubies and emeralds on a regular basis.
No, really. Going by Yanko Design's overview, this truck's purpose is to haul mobsters', oil sheiks', and Russian oligarchs' precious gemstones from point A to point B. I guess Fords, Chevys, and Rams are clearly just too plebeian.
All kidding aside, if Porsche ever decides to finally go off the deep end and build a truck, it should be like the TranSport. A big, brutish 4X4 in a suit that would be capable of giving Cadillac's Escalade EXT something to worry about.

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