Citroen C5 2.0 HDi 160hp vs Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTi 160 PS

Sedans mischievousIn sedans, two dissident recently managed to titillate the German references Converse by their dynamism and their aesthetic driveability: Car of the Year 2009, the Opel Insignia has confirmed its qualities on the road. For its part, the Citroën C5 received the award of the public. But between the two, which deserves more honors?
Buffeted by increasingly compact MPV and large urban areas more attractive for families, traditional sedans are struggling to reinvent itself. In this segment lowered, only the Germans are spared high-end reign over the loot. And woe betide anyone who dares say otherwise!
But they did not count on the Opel Insignia and the Citroen C5 (read our tests). Both trouble maker seductive style have given some hope for general builders.
With the Insignia, Opel puts an end to years of scarcity a Vectra too consensual and revives even the ambition of conquest illustrated at the time of the Omega (1990).
Featuring a dynamic and innovative technological content model for a wide audience, the sedan has distinguished the Blitz upon its release in winning the title of "Car of the Year 2009".
A distinction has probably weighed heavily when GM decided to rescue the German mark. Convinced that they were there a model of high added value, the Americans have even decided to sell the Buick emblem in the USA (see our article).
Tasteless in its first generation, the Citroen C5 has been on the other hand a veritable resurrection with this second album. Line more modern and aggressive grille adopting the gimmick of the C4 and interior quality, the sedan to Rafters captivated the French market. In point of scooping up the first segment sales last year in his face and beard of Renault and Peugeot especially cousin, more accustomed to the summit with its 407.
The encounter between these two success stories was inevitable. That confrontation begins!


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