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The original - is at the Geneva Motor Show 2007 that was unveiled the concept car from Citroën Cruise Crosser, directed by Espera Sbarro School in partnership with Citroën Styling Centre. This 2x6 announcement by the lines Cross Over and contains a mechanical hybrid original operation. Its diesel engine provides the training of the first two axles, so an electric motor ensures that the third, permanently active when needed.
Miniature - Signed molding Provence, this concept car, faithfully reproduces the lines, volumes and colors of the original and has a fine finish. The few chromes body are "real", especially in the rafters before, which extend to the lighthouses. The wheels are super realistic with their alloy wheels and disc brakes caliper. The back receives colored lights and two chrome tailpipes and hollow. The cabin is subject to a special care with its well designed and colorful furniture. The Tea Party is hosting a third seat and some luggage. The base is engraved.
Citroën Cruise Crosser 2007
Provence Cast - ref. AMC018908 and PM0018

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