Cadillac Converj: dead, yet

Cadillac came to Geneva before any good news with his return on the European continent. The brand also brought U.S. CTS Coupe, but not its concept car Converj. For the latter, we find pictured a production version a few years of the Chevrolet Volt extrapolated. Finally, it will not happen.
According to our American colleagues Automotive News, General Motors would indeed finally decided to cancel plans for commercialization. Cadillac considers not to build a hybrid platform, the Volt which is able to compete with other premium brands. It would be too expensive compared to a Volt because of its luxurious facilities and therefore would end up in the same range of rates that a large sedan hybrid Lexus.
This cancellation would release obviously not question the Volt project and its European counterpart, the Opel Ampera.

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