Porsche set the stage with its dealers before marketing its 918 Spyder

If we were to retain a single surprise in the last Geneva Motor Show, it would probably be it. Alongside the new Cayenne waited for months and months, Porsche presented a stunning concept car, a sort of new age Carrera GT to the false airs of Ferrari 360 Modena to the front and the impressive technical specifications. Since it was learned the possibility of commercialization of this model would be perfect to provide a concurrent weight to the imminent replacement for the Ferrari Enzo. This possibility seems to be more credible.

Our fellow American Automobile Mag relates in fact already begun negotiations with Porsche, working now with all its dealers to establish a list of potential buyers. Based on this work, Porsche establish a plan for the commercial launch of a road version of the 918 Spyder.

A ploy that had already been used at the beginning of the last decade when the German automaker finally validated his Carrera GT. And if the 918 Spyder was actually launched in the coming years, we expect an even higher rate than fire the Carrera GT.

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