The Opel Ampera rally by Geneva's own!

The Opel Ampera rally by Geneva's own!

If Wilfried found images of the Opel Ampera surprise on the road, the explanation is given today by a message from Opel. It is only to communicate on this prototype Volt European people of the com 'Blitz chose to stage the car in a journey which will connect the great industrial town of Rüsselsheim in Geneva where she will again be exposed , about 600 km. The Ampere has a theoretical autonomy of 500 km.

For this, we installed an electric charging station at the headquarters of Opel which was plugged into the Ampera waiting to spring on his journey.

Driving will be held Gherardo Corsini, Director of Electric Vehicle Implementation at Opel / Vauxhall. "I am very eager to make up for miles on our first prototype Ampera during this first test on the open road. With 370 Nm of instant torque and power under my foot, it will be an interesting trip to Geneva and serene. "

The ampere is a priority to hybrid electric and internal combustion engine used to recharge its batteries while driving when the load falls below 60 kilometers. This system does not linger for hours to do a full recharge the batteries as is the case for the 100% electric. Ampera will ride over 500 km without recharging electricity or fuel. Promising for a car that is advertised for lease in late 2011.

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