Live Geneva 2010: Citroën DS High Rider, it folds into four [add video]

The stand of the Citroën is decidedly well supplied with important new features as the floor collapses under Citroën world premieres. This morning, we already watched the amazing manic, placed right next to the very bubbly DS3 Racing. But that's not all: we also expected the concept car DS High Rider and here it is therefore true, in the twilight of his platform.

 DS High Rider is somehow the official prologue to the future DS4 after the first draft of the premium DS3. A concept car that comes in the form of a compact coupe slightly elevated (hence the High Rider, logically). Aesthetically, the car may seem a little mass at certain angles, it should be found in automotive production in the years to come, probably in the form of a compact five-door after the last sound of the corridor.

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