Live Geneva 2010: Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion, long arms and long legs

I previously ran a headline on the Bertone Pandion: Alfa lifting the arm. After discovery on its stand, I can tell you that it raises the very top. This ambitious concept, worthy of dream cars of the 70 celebrated the 75th anniversary of Bertone and the 100 years of Alfa Romeo. There is also evidence that Bertone has survived the fighting intestine mother-daughters but also to the economic crisis that has severely impacted the Italian coach builders for industrial purposes. For 2 years, no longer Bertone stand at Geneva, is returning with boldness and enthusiasm.

Bertone and Alfa Romeo is a history dating back over 50 years. 13 concept cars and 10 series cars came out of the house created by Nuccio some of which are still famous (Series Bat Carabo, Navajo, Canguro, Montreal ...).

By observing the logo Alfa Romeo Bertone imagine the contrast between the cross and the serpent, the technical rigor and fluidity, sensuality. The theme of Pandion, the name of a raptor in South America. The bill is also included to imagine the new interpretation of the Alfa Romeo grille. But the point is elsewhere.

We appreciate the "algorithmic design" fluid, "said Rear dematerialized" pixelated "amazing, huge doors that flirt with the stars, the seats illuminated baptized" chairs "LEDs hidden under his coat Technogel.

And if you find the concept impressive, know that religious mantle, who turns around as she is totally stunning.


Length 4.62m

Width 1.942m

Height: 1.28m

Weight 1248 kg

The V8 engine is 90 ° 4.7l 450 hp and 470 Nm of torque from the 8C.

Bertone's finely crafted


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