Live Geneva 2010: Audi A1 and e-Tron concept, the Mini not threatened [add video]

If the Audi A1 is able to dethrone the Mini segment B Premium, it will be a tremendous achievement, a milestone which will mean that the brand manages to sell its single logo! Even though it is difficult to approach the new A1 literally attacked on its stand, the A1 does not cause the commotion. It is certainly well made but nothing in it (statically) is really fun, innovative, especially not its interior. In short, the Mini should theoretically not be threatened ... except that the premium market is anything but rational, so there is hope. The A1 seems to be positioned more in front of a Citroen DS3 finally, what is not good news for the little French. Its starting price will be around 16,000 euros.

The derivative e-Tron of the A1 is known CVD. No Dacia Mega City Vehicle just that, to be clear that means the little Audi is a hybrid electric priority. The engine of 102 hp and 240 Nm of torque promises a 0-100km / h in 10.2 and a v-max 130 km / h. You have understood, is essentially a city even if a heat engine (a single rotor Wankel ritatis 254 cm3) to recharge the batteries when the low loads can offer a range of 200 km (50km into 100% electric) . The weight of 1190 kg is consistent with the ecological role of all (the full band electric heat + weighs only 70 kg which can add 150 kg of batteries). All that is hidden under the chassis.

Reloading 380v via an outlet is given for 3 hours and CO2 emissions are limited to 45 g / km or 1.9 l per 100 km. Om imagine that the 18-inch wheels (215/35) were not used for the approval of the use ...


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