Lamborghini Murcielago by Mauro Lecchi: interesting

Lamborghini Murcielago by Mauro Lecchi: interesting

The career of the beautiful Italian GT widest low nearing completion. With nearly 4,000 copies sold, we can say without too much risk that Gallardo has been a very good year when one is not ready to forget the line soon. His successor is preparing discreet and stylish details that escape from his camouflage leave already augur severe kicking. In the meantime, here's a proposal style quite interesting.

Mauro Lecchi is a design student in Milan and incidentally, a lover of Lamborghini. It has naturally had the idea to imagine a successor to the current Murcielago. It will really not the first to have had this idea, but his approach is particularly well-developed since more than one style and said not bad looking, the car is fully modeled in 3D and scale model 1:4.

Personally, I'm just embarrassed by these fires before that really have nothing Lamborghini. Everything else is wonderful. And for you?


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