Genève 2010 : Hispano Suiza renait. anew

Hispano Suiza renait

This is not the first time you try to revive Hispano Suiza. We recall (or not) concepts K8 2001 and HS1 in 2000 initiated by the Engineering Society Mazel holder's name at the time. Rebelote in 2010 with the presentation in Geneva of a concept car of V10 supercar engine packed 750 hp.

That V10 supercharged 5.2L is using 2 compressors and sends its 750 hp and 700 Nm of torque to the wheels 4. The 0-100km / h is estimated in 3.4s and the v-max 330 km / h. The Hispano Suiza spans nearly 5m long and 2m wide but only 1.25m tall, the chassis is aluminum (but it is a R8 recarrossée?), The basic design provides a hybrid with a group Electric willing to front that will bring additional 150 hp to all, or 900 hp.

The launch is of course already been arrested in 2010 while a convertible version is scheduled for 2011, it lacks just that buyers eventually. A detail ...

The price will be sympathetic to 700,000 euros, "at least".

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