Geneva 2010: Valmet Eva among others

Geneva 2010: Valmet Eva among others

In Geneva, the supplier and subcontractor Valmet will present no less than 4 vehicles in 4 different modes of energy. In addition to Eva we discover the first photo, we also discover the Fisker Karma will be manufactured in plants Valmet, the Think City also produced by Valmet but also the concept Garia LSV (Low Speed Vehicle).

To return to Eva, unlike the Microbus Heuliez, there are no plans to sell or even manufacture it. Eva is a city mostly urban 2 +2 whose autonomy would be 160 km and the maximum speed of 120 km / h. The aluminum chassis is designed for the electric mode, it is also possible to adapt several types of bodywork. The engine is direct to simplify construction and improve efficiency.

With Eva, Valmet has a recharging dock that can be ordered via SMS Fortum and conducted with a man-machine interface developed with Nokia.

Garia LSV Concept Car is a golf cart!

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