Geneva 2010: the return without regard Koenigsegg

Geneva 2010: the return without regard Koenigsegg

You do not remember, perhaps not, and you can not blame you. At the last Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg outlined a concept car named As that was actually not very memorable. This 4-seat electric sedan was a little full model in connection with the usual productions of manufacturers in Sweden.

We will realize later that the project was focused by NLV Solar AG and Koenigsegg brought his name more than anything else. Besides, the car company is rapidly dissociated from the project after the close of the show.

However, respect is not dead and NLV Solar AG took control of one program that tries to complete. Thus, we should find respect in Geneva this year to a level of development that normally give a little more credibility to the company.

As it remains a 4-seater open a full carbon frame while the electric motors will not be 2 but 4 that this does not alter the global power announced at 512 hp and 714 Nm of torque. The body is covered with a film acting solar panel can generate some of the electricity to the car.

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