Geneva 2010: Pininfarina imagines a 2010 Alfa Duetto Spider

Geneva 2010: Pininfarina imagines a 2010 Alfa Duetto Spider
 Before unveiling the completely Tuesday, Pininfarina has agreed to publish a new design for its reinterpretation of Spider Duetto sixties which celebrates the centenary of the Milanese brand. Lowie Vermeersch, head of the Pininfarina design says that Spider Concept will be a tribute to the Duetto and especially a track for the future of Alfa Romeo and proof of the dynamism of Pininfarina and his status as "world reference of Italian style" .

With the advent of home builders modular platforms extremely flexible allowing many models are now built in-house, the industrial activity of Italian Coachbuilders (Bertone, Pininfarina) has more reason to be, what led them to a deep crisis. To survive, all have given importance to their design firms to become the coach builder as 40 years ago.

At Pininfarina, we admit, the future (and survival) is looking to China where everything is done in terms of design. The Chinese manufacturer need recognition, they must invent a mind, body Italians are there to draw them. But meanwhile, Geneva is an opportunity to remember the good years.

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