Geneva 2010: Opel Flextreme GT / E Concept

     Geneva 2010: Opel Flextreme GT / E Concept

  Opel had already baited us with a little teasing that revealed nothing new concept that sits on the Opel stand beside the Ampera very (too?) Near the Chevrolet Volt and the new Meriva.

The Flextreme GT / E and its 4.70m long is a letter of intent for the Opel brand in the future. In a difficult context for the brand, it will allow employees (those who remain ...) to lift his head and look ahead. With Flextreme Opel starts to move forward both in terms of technical design. The saloon opens a new definition of the hybrid Opel summarized in a new acronym: E-REV, which broadly defines a "technology of the car battery life", a hybrid to make simple.

Flextreme GT / E is also included in the new Opel strategy called "e-mobility unlimited" to be applied to all vehicles in range on all market segments and also announces the next product design orientation of the mark.

Flextreme GT / E is low (1.38m) and fluid to obtain a drag coefficient of just 0.22 allowing it to reach 200 km / h. Note also the vertical panels of 35 cm which déploientle throughout the body once past 50 km / h to control air flow and avoid turbulence synonymous with consumerism. If the wheels are 21 inches, they are still close (195/45) while the body is in carbon, chassis part aluminum and polycarbonate glazing.

The technology used is the same as the Ampera but thanks to the efforts of relief and aerodynamics, all-electric autonomy should remain at 60km in mixed 500 km with an estimated consumption of 1.6l/100km and CO2 emissions of less than 40g. With torque of 370 Nm, 0-100km / h is given under 9s. On paper of course.

Opel Flextreme Prototype GT / E: technical

Body Type Coupe prototype M2 segment 5-door 4-seater

Drag coefficient (Cd) 0.22

Dimensions Length (mm) 4,762

Height (mm) 1,308

Width (mm) 1,871

Wheelbase (mm) 2,900

Front track (mm) 1,600

Rear lanes (mm) 1,600

Wheels / Tires

21 inch rims

Tires 195/45 R 21: Very low rolling resistance


Electric Motor Type, FWD

System battery: Type Li-Ion Enhanced (spinel manganese)

Energy 16 kWh

Nominal voltage 350 volts

Board charger 3.3 kilowatts

Refill 100% (of 230) <3.0 hours

Electric traction motors: Power 120 kilowatts

Torque 370 Nm


Power 53 kilowatts at peak

Heat engine type motor gasoline 4-cylinder 1.4 liter


Battery power pure 60 km

Full autonomy, with extension of autonomy> 500 km

CO2 emissions, combined cycle (est.) <40 g / km

Acceleration 0 - 100km / h <9.0 seconds

Top speed> 200 km / h


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