Geneva 2010: Mercedes F800 on autopilot

Mercedes made a splash with its concept called, F 800 Style. A foretaste of CLS which intersects all the innovations of the brand. More than a driving license is a patent engineer who will be required.

This big sedan-like cut measuring 4.75 m to 1.93 m wide. The lines foreshadow the appearance of the next CLS. On board, the F800 style is totally clean. All commands are executed via a keypad called "Cam-Touch-Pad.

On the finger movement, the driver can adjust for example as bottling (DISTRONIC PLUS): A real driver that manages automatic steering, braking and accelerating to 40 mph!
For this projection of the future, Mercedes has two solutions for engines. The first hybrid (electric V6/moteur). The latter rejects 68g CO2 and requires only 3l/100 km. The alternative proposed by Mercedes is a fuel cell. Here, the battery was reduced to be housed under the hood. Autonomy announced is 600 km!

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