Geneva 2010: Mercedes-Benz F800 Stylish, small CLS

Geneva 2010: Mercedes-Benz F800 Stylish, small CLS

Pictures of the Mercedes F800 concept fell on the canvas with a certain precocity in relation to the official media. This device seems prefigure a future small CLS (probably based on Class C) also reveals the new style tracks that should guide the hand of Mercedes designers for the future.

The first to benefit from this new design could also be the next CLS which is expected to be presented later this year.

From these images, we discovered 2 types of engines for the F800 concept: a hydrogen fuel cell and battery pack and the electric motor at the rear or a hybrid gasoline-electric classic.

But the most shocking in these images is that Mercedes will soon look like a Volvo .... or vice versa!

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