Geneva 2010: IED Tesla EYE

Geneva 2010: IED Tesla EYE

The Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin will be like every year in Geneva. Students of the last coupon present their projects as models 1/4E but also a concept car called the Tesla scale 1 EYE.

This concept of 2 +2 sports destination in the "urban youth" is the collective work of 11 students under the cut Luca Borgogno, senior designer with Pininfarina and Andrea Militello, Fiat designer. The EYE project was also supervised by Franz von Holzhausen, design manager of the American brand of small electric cars.

The other 2 projects are the Jeep Pygmy student of 2nd year Vassiliy Kurkova who imagined what might look like a Jeep in the era Fiat, and thus on a platform of Fiat Panda Cross.

The concept is Aston Martin Libido signed Giuseppe Barbera, and Andrea Guerri Federico Vecchiatini he wants expression of the futuristic British brand in 2025. The less credible in my opinion.

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