Geneva 2010: Heuliez talk future ... still

Despite the increasingly large uncertainties hanging over Heuliez, the French manufacturer and supplier will be in Geneva with a concept, or rather a show car prefiguring a city known to go into production soon.

The Microbus vehicle called by our colleagues from Autonieuws gear is supposed to reinvent the electric car to live for all but the electric format. The press is full of enthusiasm, since the Microbus (not disclosed in the press) is announced as robust and powerful, with an original design overseen by Murat Günak (father of the Peugeot 206) and David Wilkie but also icing on the cake sold at competitive prices.

Autonieuws said meanwhile that the concept is equipped with 2 motors housed in the front wheels (2x 18kW) which can reach 140 km / h and above a range of 400 km! The minibus is only 2.91m long and has sliding doors.

The Heuliez Microbus will he the first French electric vehicle actually sold?

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