Design: A proposal for the progeny Porsche 928

Design: A proposal for the progeny Porsche 928

Yesterday, you announced the introduction of two new packages for the Jaguar XKR, I allowed myself to slip a reference to the Porsche 928 S4, one of the queens of GT before yesterday. So say that the appearance of a news site devoted to Carscoop a possible descendant of the 928, never ever want be come, in the contemporary Porsche is a godsend.

For several months now, we talk here and there a new 928, designed from the excellent but a little too serious Porsche Panamera, which will in a few weeks engaged in competition.

The proposal submitted by Carscoop is due to a forum member Teamspeed and use wisely it seems capabilities of Photoshop. The cross between a 928 and a Carrera GT is obvious but is rather successful. What do you think?

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