Revolt or rebellion not? The Citroën DS2 exist does it?

Buzz around the Citroen Revolte, the latest concept car Citroën signed, dated, and its possible variation in series under the label DS2.

On the possible arrival of a 2CV luxury, opinions, or information, diverge. It must be said that the plan branded product to double rafters is filled. In the new DS range, the DS3 is just launched. Must follow the DS4 and DS5. But that's not all. In addition to the renewal of the range of C4, the declination of serial C-Cactus concept is still valid. Not to mention a possible small number of the GT, which is becoming the Arlesienne Citroën.

But in England they seem to believe the outbreak of rebellion in the form of a DS2. Unless it is only to support militancy wave pro Revolt "in Citroën ... and out. The fact that the English are passionate about the concept of rebellion is in itself a good sign. Perhaps Lionel us out there soon for a survey asking your opinion on the issue. In the meantime, remember that this concept would never have been born. It is the presentation of a study of high-end which was originally scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 ... A sign?


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