Geneva 2010: Meriva, Ampera aOpel nd concept ecological mystery on the stand

Geneva 2010: Meriva, Ampera and concept ecological mystery on the Opel stand

Geneva Opel will show its new Meriva, the Corsa restyled, but also Ampera already seen last year and then a novel concept car seen in its English-photo-teaser that shows will also be hybrid.

Indeed, the end of calendar now with the Opel logo reveals the logo Voltec which means the technology of the Chevrolet Volt that will be used on the ampere. The difference with the latter is the type of vehicle chosen to illustrate the choice of Opel for its development.

Opel refers to "marry an elegant and expressive design with German engineering to meet the environmental challenges of tomorrow.

Combining design, green innovation and alternative propulsion systems, this avant-garde design is proof that it is not necessary to sacrifice the size and comfort for an effective environmental car. "

A compact, a city?


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